Eleanora Cockatoo
aka Medium Sulphur Crested

Medium Sulphur Crested cockatoos are very social, affetionate creatures.  They are naturally curious birds that easily learn tricks and learn to talk.  Many quickly learn to open latches on their cage (to them its just another toy)and become escape artist.

They make exceptionally loving pets like the other larger cockatoos but these guys are a more independent, meaning less needy.  They are highly intelligent birds that are very playful and inquisitive. 

They make excellent companion birds for those who want a charming, fun loving bird that is not a clinger.

Like most cockatoos, these guys need plenty of toys to play with and chew on.  They are very active birds and should be provided the largest cage space and money will allow. 

Can be sexed by eye color after 2 years of age.  Males are dark brown or black while females are red.  Juveniles of both sexes will have brown eyes.

                  Weaned Babies $1100.00

2016 Babies are arriving

Baby #1 - SOLD
Hatched 03/30/2016

          AVAILABLE            Baby #2   Hatched 06/03/2016

Still 2 more eggs in the nest